Planetarium: an unforgettable experience

Planetarium: an unforgettable experience

Visit to the Astronomical Observatory and telescopic observation of the sky

Opened in September 2015, the new astronomical observatory is located in Zanon above the town of Tesero, in Val di Fiemme, 30km from the Rolle Pass. Its location represents an excellent compromise between usability and distance from city lights, for an optimal view of the sky.

Equipped with a system of versatile telescopes and a modern digital planetarium, it offers visitors the chance to view spectacular educational videos and proposes to bring as many people as possible closer to the wonders of the universe.

A journey into the depths of space, from the observation of a crater on the surface of the Moon to the dance of Jupiter's satellites, from the gigantic solar storms to the immensity of a galaxy; a show which is repeated over our heads every night and which takes us into a new and majestic dimension.

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