The Cristo Pensante


Mountain pilgrimage in Passo Rolle

The path from Passo Rolle to the summit of Castellazzo in the heart of the Paneveggio Natural Park combines a hike of breathtaking views with an opportunity to reflect on the sense of spirituality that the mountains offer. 

This walk culminates with a statue of “Cristo Pensante” found at the top of this nearby mountain and provides the chance to leave behind the distractions of everyday life and find the time for some peace and tranquillity. 

The route starts out from Passo Rolle towards the “Baita Segantini”, a locally renowned traditional mountain hut serving drinks and snacks and then follows a well signposted path for Castellazzo (for those that prefer, a half hourly bus can also be taken to the Baita cutting an hour off the total walking time).

From the Baita Segantini the route winds upwards through mountain meadows, gullies and small rocky ravines to the summit of Castellazzo offering panoramic views of the Pale di San Martino, Val Venegia and the famous Marmolada glacier.  Allow a little less than 3 hours for the walk up and back if starting from the Baita Segantini (climb of 535 ft.).

Total travel time: just under 3 hours, height difference of 163 metres/535 feet (from the Baita Segantini).